Arcologies of Well-Being

2020 Vision:

What is a Non-Profit Arcology?

We believe there are 7 industries that should never make a profit, but must operate for the sole purpose of maintaining the well-being of the people they serve. "Non-Profit" Arcologies are planned, funded, designed and built by those who intend to own and live in them. This is part of the Global Well-Being 2020 Vision.

Each of the Seven Dimensions of Life are represented within a self-contained and self-sustaining not-for-profit arcology: Survival, Body, Mind, Spirit, Family, Community, Humanity.

Teré Foster

Global Well-Being

Eco Village

We must help poverty where it exists rather than through immigration. Immigration moves the brightest and healthiest leaders away from the place where they can do the most good for their fellow man.

Screen everything

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

Make a man a co-owner of a co-op fish hatchery

and you transform him from
an “employee / consumer” to an “owner / producer”

who never has to fish again.


Join the Online Think TankYou will help streamline this proposal and prepare those who have a desire to live and work in a non-profit arcology designed, built, owned, and operated by those who plan to live there.


The word “Arcology” comes from two words, “ecology” and “architecture.”

They are huge structures that hold a lot of people.

Some of them even float out on the water.

Arc 7

Arc 7 is our name for an Arcology of Well-Being that is self-contained, self-sustaining, a solely worker owned co-op resort where both guests and owners are immersed in an environment of well-being.

Stackable pyramids made up trusses can be added as we go.

The bottom floors will be used for the sustainability services that each new pyramid can attach to.

With seven pyramids with a 100-foot base, the Arc 7 will be the size of the Giza pyramid, but extremely light-weight and usable.

Pyramid Structures

UV Greenhouse Material

Solar Fabric can be used to cover a portion of the pyramid structure.

Pyramid built on a barge.

Barges can support heavy loads.

Barges can be easily moved.


Barges can be linked to form any size base.

Pyramid Interiors

Indoor Gardening

Overnight Guests

Inflatable light-weight buildings.

Wheelchair ramps instead of stairs.

No stairs anywhere!

Indoor farming.

Planting Grass on barges

The pyramid structure can float on barges.

High speed is possible.

A new kind of living.

Like an oil drilling platform, we can attach to the ocean floor for stability.

Lots of deck space on both ends of three floats provides plenty of space for fun in the sun.

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